Installing on Win32

I’ve been trying to install rt-3.0.6.exe on a WinXP
box. The idea would probably ultimately be to run
under Linux, but I want to eval RT quickly, so I
thought I’d try the installer. So far, no luck – when
I try to run, the setup falls over on each download
(‘download failed’). I rerun it a few times; each time
I usually manage to get one more item downloaded.
Eventually they are all there and the installer does
eventually get to the install phase proper.
Eventually, however, I get this error message:

<------ (snip) ------>

[Fri Nov 28 21:56:57 2003] [error] Can’t locate
pl in @INC (@INC contains:
rl/site/lib C:/Progra~1/OurInternet/Reques~1/rt/lib
C:/Progra~1/OurInternet/Reques~1/rt/local/lib .
E:\Program Files\OurInternet\Request Tracker/
E:\Program Files\OurInternet\Request Tracker/lib/perl)
at (eval 1) line 1.

[Fri Nov 28 21:56:57 2003] [error] Can’t load Perl
file: C:/Progra~1/OurInternet/Reques~1/winrt/cgi/ for server localhost:0, exiting…

Note the errors or messages above, and press the
key to exit. 19…

<------ (snip) ------>

I have gone into the directories that are created in
my Program Files dir, and tried to run the apps
(apache, mysql etc) directly and edit the conf files,
but it seems the install has broken quite early and
there isn’t enough there to get them running without a
lot of tweaking (adnd I really don’t know enough about
Apache or mySql to do this).

Any ideas? Is there likely to be something about my
system (eg. the system drive being e: instead of c:)
which might be tripping up the installer?

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I’ve been trying to install rt-3.0.6.exe on a WinXP

So, there is a chance that your install path is not


If that is the case, please correct it so that this
is the case. Currently several places do assume that
the path is C:\progra~1\ – you can find and subtitute
them all to E:, though.

Also, 3.0.7.exe is out, and you may have better luck
trying it.