Installation RT 3.2.2 with Debian Sarge


i’ve tried to install the new RT 3.2.2. on a Debian Sarge System.
I want to access RT only from

My problem is, that i won’t run. It just put out that i have to set up my
apache Server.
[Enviroment: apache 1.3, mysql 4.x, debian sarge, rt 3.2.2]

$make testdeps send out no errors

I think that the error is within my $configure command:

i entered this : ./configure --with-www-user=www-data
–with-web-group=www-data --with-rt-group=www-data --with-rt-user=www-data

The installation is within /usr/request-tracker3/share/html, might this be
a problem?

i used the following users, www-data-> because the default user for apache
@ debian systems.

    rt group (rt)...found
    bin owner (root)...found
    libs owner (root)...found
    libs group (bin)...found
    web owner (www-data)...found
    web group (www-data)...found

The Database is also set up correctly into the datatable rt3.


Set($WebPath , “/rt”);
Set($WebBaseURL , “”);

My httpd.conf

ServerName DocumentRoot /usr/request-tracker3/share/html AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

PerlModule Apache::DBI
PerlRequire /usr/request-tracker3/bin/

<Location /rt/>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler RT::Mason

Anyone any idea, what to do?

Thanks a lot for help