Installation: apachectl ConfigTest just hangs

After installing all the relevant modules and putting the appropriate
lines in my httpd.conf, when I run apachectl configtest, it does not return.

If I comment out the

PerlRequire /opt/rt3/bin/

line, configtest returns with “Syntax OK”.

If I run


as the web user, it returns without any output.

I have searched this mailing list and google and for
answers, but couldn’t find anything referencing what I’m experiencing.

All I know about PerlRequire is what I’ve read in the reference (“At
server start-up and restart, this directive reads in and evaluates a
Perl script (usually standard Perl files ending in .pl), much like
Perl’s built-in require command”)… But clearly if I can execute it on
the command line, then it shouldn’t hang…?

Any help would be much appreciated!