Inserting links in replies/comments in RT 5.x

We just upgraded our RT installation to version 5 and I can’t figure out how to insert a link in a Reply or Comment. In 4.x we were able to select text and apply a URL, is that feature gone or am I just missing it?

We just had to tweak this before Xmas on our RT5 install. Make a copy of the file /opt/rt5/share/static/RichText/config.js to a local copy in /opt/rt5/local/static/RichText/config.js and then edit this new file to change the buttons removed in the config.removeButtons line. You need to make sure that Link and Unlink aren’t in that line of you want to include URLs in the rich text. Save the file, flush the Mason cache and restart the web server. You might also need to clear your browser cache as it might cache the JS/CSS that the editor uses.

There’s lots of other options in the editor that can be turned back on in this section such as horizontal rules, sub/super scripts, in/out denting, cut/copy/paste, etc.

Thanks! This is exactly what I needed.

Thanks, this worked for me too. The browser cache part was particularly important.