Inline reply doesn't copy previous text for certain users

Here’s a weird one. I’ll admit to messing with the interior of RT to try to get single spacing to work as expected but even after undoing those changes and flushing the mason cache, my account anyway still has the following issue:

If I click the reply or comment button next to a response, if I have nothing in the clipboard, it gives me a blank form field with the style missing and the WYSIWYG editor is mostly broken. I can reply, but the text is in serif font, can’t style it, etc.

If I have something highlighted or in the clipboard before clicking reply, it will paste that content into the form field and things will work normally, other than the fact the previous response text isn’t there.

I gather there’s some javascript that goes along with the reply button to store the previous text and then paste it into the form field? It might be actively pulling from the DB I guess. Anyway, this broke for my login from any desktop/laptop. Mobile devices, things work fine. Another user has the same issue, but the other 15 people using RT don’t have this problem.

I feel like there must be a session cache in the database or something for particular users who caught this bug, but I don’t know where to find it. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Ubuntu 22.04
RT 5.0.2 installed via apt

Thank you.