Initial Page Hangs

Help! I’ve got a really odd problem with a new install of RT 2.0.7.
After I login I see the header and tabs but not the main body. The blue bar
in IE just moves along very very slowly. If I click the ‘Stop’ button all
the content is displayed except for the drop down bar for the Refresh
Even more odd is that if I go to another page (for example Search) and then
click on Home, the home page displays correctly and within normal amount

This could be a clue - Netscape doesn’t seem to have this problem, only IE.
Okay I just did some more debugging before posting this message. The
problem seems somehow related to the /html/Elements/Header file. If I
delete lines out of this file then everything works correctly. But I can’t
narrow down which lines are causing the problem. Anyone else ever had a
problem like this before? I’ve got another server running RT 2.0.0 and it
doesn’t exhibit this strange behavior. Thanks in advance for any help.