Initial Page Hangs - more information

I don’t have a solution for this, but I have narrowed down the problem.
I thought it might be Apache or Perl causing the problem. I uninstalled Red
Hat 7.1 RPMs and installed both of these from source. That didn’t help. I
decided to put the problem aside and go forward with the configuration of
RT. Starting setting up user accounts and began to notice any account that
had User Rights assigned to them exhibited the same problem when logging in
to RT. User accounts that did not have any User Rights assigned did not
have this problem. Confirmed this was the cause by assigning/unassigning
user rights to various accounts and then logging in.

I had been trying to use RT 2.0.7 and MySQL 3.23.42. I would be curious to
know if anyone else is using both these versions together? I have now gone
back to the versions I did my testing with, RT 2.0.0 and MySQL 3.23.29 and
everything is working normally.

Help! I’ve got a really odd problem with a new install of RT 2.0.7.
After I login I see the header and tabs but not the main body. The blue