Increasing Number of e-Mail rejected: permission denied

Dear All,

my rt 3.4.1 installation is rejecting an increasing number of incoming
e-Mail. I am totally out of ideas. I checked permissions for "everybody"
and temporaryly increased rights for the “everybody” group - it now has
All possible rights.

The majority (approx. 300-400 per day) of all incoming tickets via mail
is still listed in all queues - some (currently 20 - 50) tickets are
getting rejected with a “permission denied” error, some more with a
"message not recorded" error via mail.

I am wondering what could be the cause for this. While in the past this
only occured for tickets coming in via e-Mail from outside the
installation it now occurs for e-Mail sent by our problem reporting
forms (forms that collect user feedback in a structured manner and then
send a mail to rt to open the ticket.

Any ideas or starting point or solution suggestions would be really

Best regards,

Tobias Heinz

smime.p7s (3.18 KB)