Include all ticket attachments in template output

Hi List,
I am trying to use a scrip/template to include/attachments that were provided to the ticket in earlier transactions.
( ie the requestor attached a file with the initial request ).
The template will send to external non-RT defined users ( ie not CC’c AdminCC’s or watchers ) with no access to RT.
The template fires based on a selection made to a CF that has the email address’s of people in a somewhat long dropdown list.

So basically what I have working now is;
  1. Ticket comes into RT
  2. It may or may not have a file attached
  3. AdminCC’s of queue are notified, they review ticket request content and then using the Custom field dropdown list , select appropriate person’s email .
  4. this change to that custom field automatically fires off the template which uses that CF email selection as the TO: in the template.
    the template boilerplate contains the initial ticket request content …

The problem I have is I can’t seem to get the file ( if there is one ) that was attached by the requestor to be included in the outgoing email as well.

Anybody doing something like this and have a hint or two they can share…