Improving RT's attachment functionality


I am interested in having RT display some more attachments inline than
it currently does. Specifically, our tickets are mostly created from
voicemail messages (stored in wav format), and I would like to re-encode
those wav files into “flash videos”, i.e. a FLV or SWF file with the
sound encoded and a little play/pause button and slider. This would save
myself and my colleagues the trouble of downloading multiple
identically-named wav files, and hunting through them every time we
wanted to listen to the source of a ticket.

As far as I can figure, there are several steps to this process:

  1. Yank the wav file out of the original mail message (preferably even
    before delivery to RT, through procmail perhaps).
  2. Encode the wav file into a “flash video”.
  3. Re-attach the new “flash video” to the original message, either
    within the email processing or as an attachment to another email to RT
    once the transcoding is complete.
  4. Display the “flash video” inline inside RT’s web interface.

It is the fourth step that I’ve come here to ask about (although
suggestions for the others would be most welcome!). Can anybody give me
any pointers on how I might go about extending RT to accept “flash
video” as a filetype that is displayed inline like images and plaintext,
instead of a filetype that is presented only as an attachment?

Thank you all very much for your time.

Adam Compton
Network Administrator
Sierra Canyon School