Importing users in bulk (to hosted)

I want to import users in bulk, preferably by csv.

I see previous threads on this and they either suggest scripts that work backend (we are hosted by RT) or LDAP (we are AzureAD).

I can’t believe in 2023 there isn’t a csv import bulk users available from Admin. Yet I can’t for the life of me find it.

Thanks for any advice.

I am guessing there are some on Github, but you could also easily do it via your own Perl script using the RT Perl API.

use strict;
use warnings;

use RT::Interface::CLI qw(Init);

# do something with CSV...
my $user = RT::User->new(RT->SystemUser);
my ($ret, $msg) = $user->Create(...);
unless $ret {
    print "Error creating user XYZ: $msg\n";
# finish...

Thanks I only just got our instance and I wasn’t sure we had access to make calls on the API in a BP hosted instance. It’ll be good if we can, but I was hoping that in a modern application I’d be able to simply import a csv via the web interface.

CSV in a modern application? Sounds a bit old school to me - the hip cool kids use JSON for data interchange these days. :wink: :slight_smile:

Seriously though, if you’re using Azure AD, look into Azure AD Domain Services (AD DS), as this provides the LDAP connection that RT coould use.

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Thanks. I think we’ll just quietly move on. The setup experience is just too… yeah, too. It was good for a trial but there’s no way we have time to wade through the mess of accreted documents and systems to get our users set up.

Oh if you’re on a BPS hosted one, have you asked them if they will do it for you?