Importing data from Keystone?

Does anyone have any scripts/tools/etc. for migrating data from
Keystone to RT? I notice that Stonekeep consulting is recommending RT
on their website as a replacement for Keystone (see ), but I haven’t been able
to find any migration tools yet.



David W. Snyder
Yale WebTeam, ITS/Academic Media & Technology


Digging through archives of this list, I found a few mentions of
converting $rtname to a hash, or setting up some other mechanism for
a per-queue rtname.

Have any patches or mods been created that accomplish this? Are
there plans to add it in?

I need this for our implementation here (which we’re building on
2.1.69), so if it hasn’t been done I’ll hack it in, but if it has,
I’d rather do it in a way that is consistent with other folks (and/or
the development direction for RT).


Christopher Manly
Unix Systems Administrator
CIT Systems & Operations
706 Rhodes Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853