Images in Articles

The wikitext syntax for images doesn’t work in Articles. I assume that’s by design, but I can’t understand why. More importantly, is it possible to implement? Having a KB without images alongside steps makes for a pretty useless tool.


Hi Lush_Aaron,

Have you solve it already?


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I agree html as opposed to text would make articles way more useful.
also if we could add attachments too.

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No, I have not been able to find a solution to this.

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Ok thanks. What version you are using, anyway?

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I am currently running RT version 4.4.0.

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Any further insight, KKK02?

Hi Lush_Aaron,

As it is. :slight_smile: . What about you?

Hi there,
i hardly miss that feature, too.
However, a few simple html-tags may work, such as

    this point

    second point

      Italic and bold don’t work.
      And I don’t know how to integrate some fields like ticket-id, username andsoon :disappointed:

Hi Siegmund,

What do you mean?