IE9 Compatibility needed to copy/paste

Hi all,

One of my users is copy/pasting from a word document, that I guess has some
sort of characters that RT does not like. When they copy/paste into RT, a
pop up comes up to say to copy/paste into this window instead. It looks
like that window cleans the text.

If I do this in IE9, the pop up window doesn’t actually work, the webpage
is essentially stuck until I hit the back button to get to the state prior
to that popup coming up.

When I put IE9 in IE8 browser mode, it works as intended.

The problem I have… My users are copying bits and pieces of a word
document that is stored on a Sharepoint site. So they need to use IE9 for
ease of use… but IE9 doesn’t stay in compatibility mode, which means they
have to set that each time they visit RT.

Is there anything anyone can think of that doesn’t involve a major change
to them, but could fix this problem?


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