Identifying tickets that have seen a requestor response

I’m trying to identify the best process to differentiate between open tickets that need a response, and those that are awaiting further info from the requestor before the support people need to worry about them again. So far, I’ve only identified 2 options, none of which I’m too happy with:

  1. Sort by ‘Last contact’
  2. Manually set them to ‘stalled’ whenever they’re responded to and then set them back to ‘open’ when they see another correspondence.

Of course, the obvious option is to just email responses to tickets to admins, and use that as a notification when an update is available. But what if I just wanted to use the web interface for a simple overview of ‘tickets that need responses’, without consulting a set of emails?

What I’d really like if a little ‘new’ tag or to highlight in bold those tickets that require user attention. Has this been done in a custom addon?

I’m running RT 3.0.11.

Related, if I wanted to manupilate the status of a ticket during correspodence, can this be done in custom actions? Something like 'On Correspondence (if status is ‘new’ then set status to ‘open’)),

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