I need some friends


Well, I do have friends, unfortunately not where I need them in this
case. I have set-up RT running in a basic mode; queues work with the
client sending and receiving of email, and 3 of 4 admins can login via
the web and happily respond to jobs. I’ve had to do this because of time
constraints. However, a work mate(?) has canned it because of it’s
supposed inflexibility. I told them because of time constraints it is
only configured with the basics, but he has used it as leverage to try
some other helpdesk system.

So the clock is now ticking and I’m real busy on other jobs. I’d
appreciate anyone who could stick with me till I get the things I need
doing done?

Things I need to do.

  1. Active Directory Auth. RT is easy to configure; tonight I setup
    remind and escalate. But to really keep the wolves away from the door I
    need to enable windows users (non priv users) to login via ntlm and auth
    with ldap. The username needs to be the login name (I think I have read
    that the username is usually the user’s email address which makes sense
    for email submissions from the user). Can this be done? Options?

  2. NTLM auth so that they get the self serve without having to login

  3. Self serve for the Windows users (I have an account and can login to
    self serve, so the web page works). Does an account need to be created
    in RT for no priv users when they login?) So that they can see their
    tickets in the queue. Not sure if I need to say this but, these users
    have been sending jobs to the desk via email, but others have not. The
    self serve interface has only been tested by me.

  4. Add a requester’s name to the nobody queue in small font and in red.
    Doing this allows the support person to see who sent the job and then
    give priority to the job. For example, if it’s the boss we can see the
    job and who sent it easily. Or if we were looking out for a request from
    someone, etc.

  5. RTFM
    Knowledge base
    I seriously need to get this to be accessible. Have read a little wiki,
    but do not understand how this works. Does it only accept attachments,
    can you go to RTFM and create a knowledge base articles; I cannot seem
    to be able to.

  6. To be simply able to insert a link to an external page - this
    external page will search our net using nmap to find any VNC servers
    running and build a list so that we can grab the user’s desktop. I want
    to use Ultra VNC to remotely access user’s Xp desktops.


Sorry about offloading this to the group, but I know that if I get your
help / pointers / examples, I may quickly be able to get RT a little
more tweaked.


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