I need some advice/help

I have just finish installing RT under Gentoo, I added the apache
config and mysql tables etc …
I can log in as root change the password etc…
now my problem or question is:

my mail server is in another server, this server with RT is on have a
mail server (postfix) but is only been configure for programs to sent
email… but have nothing to do with the real main company mail
server(also running postfix)
how can I make RT use this mail server? since I need people to use the
web and email to open support tickets, as soon I get this figure out I
can start testing it.
I will love if any one have wrote a howto or a doc in how to get this
working, if so please point me to it… if not please illuminate me…

PS: I was reading how to change the logo…
after my setup I have this under folder /var/www/support.lan.mycompany.com

cgi-bin htdocs images rt

rt have installed files under htdocs folder and under rt folder but in
the howto to change the logo it wont say what files and some are similar

Christian Fernandez

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