HTML mail issues in 3.8.1

I’m going to be implementing html2mime (I’ve been waiting until I had
time to try to
combine it with bounce-handler… three levels of indirection offends
me), but in the
meantime I’ve noticed some issues with how RT still seems to be
handling the evil
that is HTML email. I received a crappy contnt-type: text/html message, and RT
managed to slurp the content in fine. The ticket shows a nice text body, and a
"Download untiled … text/html" However, clicking the link yields an
inelligible page
because RT serves up the document as text/plain. Forwarding the document also
fails in some (un)expected ways. Receiving agents obviously cannot display the
message properly because of the content-type, which should be fixed if html2mime
is used, but RT itself seems to incorrectly set
Content-Transfer-Encoding to binary!
The underlying message is quoted printable, and my MUA says the part “should be
encoded in 7bit ot 8bit”

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