Howto use SearchBuilder with more tables


I am try to find out how to work with SearchBuilder.
I have to make a search (with fields Name, Phone, some customer
fields, …) for all User with role ‘Requestor’. In Result must be show
User data and Ticket( open or new) for this users.

I write allreade some SQL:

select distinct, Users.Name, Users.Organization, User.Zip, User.City,
from Tickets , Groups , CachedGroupMembers , Principals , Users
Tickets.Status=‘open’ or Tickets.Status='new’
and Groups.Domain=‘RT::Ticket-Role’ and
and CachedGroupMembers.GroupId = and = CachedGroupMembers.MemberId and
Principals.Disabled = 0 and
Principals.PrincipalType=‘User’ and and

but i don’t known how to integrate it with RT (SearchBuilds)

Thanks for help