Howto Display User CustomFields in SelfService Preference Pages


Is it possible to configure rt to show Users CustomFields in their
preference for non-privilege users ?

I have created 2 user customfields regarding type of support contract hey own
and would like to display their informations on their preference pages.

Actually, only “changing password” title display in Self Service user
preference’s page. I added the group right “ShowCustomField” in the User
CustomField global configuration, and added this level in the group my
users belongs to.
But nothing displays in SelfService preference pages…

If not possible, could someone help me inserting perl code in the
preferences page (SelfService/Prefs.html or in /Elements/Header, to make
available this function : Displaying all the User CustomField and their
value… without the possibility to edit them by the user himself.
i dont know perl coding, just tried several line like this but without
success …

Thanks for your support