How to show descriptions of custom fields?

I’ve looked on the Wiki,, and googled, but haven’t
seen an answer to this yet.
How can we get our custom fields to be listed with their Descriptions?
Does anyone have an actual use for the Values Description besides
looking nice to the admin who first creates them?

Custom Field ‘Country’ is a drop-down menu “Select one value.” I want to
select a country code such as ‘AR’ and have an indicator that I chose
’Argentina.’ Or, to be able to select the full name of the country and
have only the code entered into the custom field value.

Thank you.

Mark Sallee

Taking a ride on this thread, I think that it would be interesting to
have the option of using tooltips on the CF’s descriptions and other
fields of RT interface.

Maybe this would make it easier for users to enjoy RT’s features and
to every user to recall how to use the less frequent used ones.


This is partly solvable by using custom field of type “Enter one value with autocompletion” or “Enter multiple values with autocompletion”. It’s searchable by the main value and also by the description. However I didn’t find an easy way how to put the description to a tooltip or how to make a CF link from the description.