How to optimize mail address to open a ticket?

Hello all,
I’m testing RT 3.6.1 on fc6 with mail gateway functionality.
Mailserver on rt server is sendmail provided by fc6.
At this moment unique aliases defined on it are the default ones:

rt: “|/etc/smrsh/rt-mailgate --queue General --action correspond --url
rt-comment: “|/etc/smrsh/rt-mailgate --queue General --action comment
–url http://localhost/rt3

Users’ mail server is exchange 2003 on another server that is the
official one for our domain.
I have configured rules on both exchange and rt server so that a user
can send an e-mail to a particular defined exchange contact to open a
ticket (that forward to rt @ rt server).
All is ok in the bi-directional e-mail flow during ticket opening and
closing operations.
Through reading docs and archives I have some questions:

  1. When a user opens a ticket probably knows the type of problem (hw,
    sw, office configuration, internet connection, ecc.).
    So it would be useful to let the users try to open a ticket in a
    particular queue (eventually then the ticket owner can change it if
    At the same time it is difficult to convince users to send e-mails to
    possibly 5-10 different e-mail address depending on the queue…
    Furthermore, configuring a different alias for every defined queue seems
    a little boring.
    Any way to have instead the users insert anything into the subyect line,
    like [queue-name] or similar, or in the body of the mail, so that the
    ticket could be opened in that particular queue? And changing
    accordingly the alias line?

  2. When a guy takes in charge a ticket, can he/she assign (or change) in
    the same step also the queue? I didn’t find this option into the web
    Also it seems that the queue can be changed only when you make a comment
    and not when you make a Respond action…
    Or ar there any other correct ways to change/assign a queue to a ticket?

Thanks for your help.