How to measure progress on a task with a performance indicator evolving with time

I’m helping on a project in Haïti (on a volontary base).

They use a Results Based Management (RBM) process.

I’m trying to use RT to support their work, having RT delivering what is
required by RBM

The concept uses many entities:

  • Ultimate outcome, depending on:
  • Intermediate outcomes, depending on:
  • Immediate outcomes, depending on:
  • Outputs
  • Activities/sub-act

For each outcome, there is a target and on a pre-defined frequency there is
an assessment made to measure progress and compare it to the expected

Right now I have a queue for each of the above, and one for the expected
results. All theses are linked together. So far so good.

My problem is with the reporting of the progress. What would be the most
efficient and simpler way to capture the indicator at a specific moment
toward an expected result (which is a task in my actual model) and keep it
for reporting. The indicator could be a number (% and absolute numbers) or
a level represented by a letter)

Sorry if it is not more “clear”.