How to make rt invisible

A summary of how I made RT “invisible” or at least my version of it in case someone would like to use this.

(Attempts to make my language RT jargon correct in response to a A.H. I mean AU member :wink: )

What I want: no AutoreplyToRequestors OnCreate (don’t automatically send email) or stamp tickets #'s on email from WebRT correspondence.

Why: I want to start using the system now, but not have everyone who answers our mail buy into the system yet. People are used to doing it their own way and resistent to change.

Disadvantages: While “reply” from WebRT interface will appropriately insert an update to the ticket, email replies to already open tickets will create new tickets instead of updating existing ones (since they don’t know what ticket to update). Some discussion of workarounds for this have been discussed on this thread.

How To

  1. First turn off AutoReply: From WebRT choose Configuration->Global->Scrips and check to delete “
    OnCreate AutoreplyToRequestors with template Autoreply”
  2. Modify /path/to/rt/lib/RT/Action/

Changed not to remove “via RT” in the From Header

lines 296-278

TODO: this “via RT” should really be site-configurable.

$self->SetHeader(‘From’, “”$friendly_name via RT" <$replyto>");

$self->SetHeader(‘From’, “”$friendly_name" <$replyto>");

Changed to not stamp Ticketing info (by changing value of $tag)

lines 447-450
sub SetSubjectToken {
my $self=shift;
# my $tag = “[$RT::rtname #”.$self->TicketObj->id."]";
my $tag = "RE: ";

Then I restarted the apache server.