How to make drop-down fields for homepage/dashboard applets?

In the searches/applets that show on a user’s dashboard/homepage, it would be very useful if I could click on the fields and have them provide clickable drop-down menus of the available choices. For example, in the attached screenshot, it would be very helpful if I could click on those “stalled” statuses, be presented with a drop-down list of the available statuses, click which one I wanted and then have that new status be saved. Currently, the problem is that I have to click on a ticket, then click on “The Basics”, then change the status there, then click “Save”. Over time, that’s a lot of clicks and navigating, compared to just changing it from the homepage.

Not just the “Status” field, either; the Priority field would be very useful, too. (In a perfect module, I’d be able to specifically state which fields would have drop-down menus.) Also, it would be essential for the searches on the dashboard to dynamically update afterwards to reflect that change (that is, a ticket would drop or show up from different searches, based on that newly changed field).

Is there already an existing RT plugin/module that does this?