How to mail to a specific address after approval of a ticket request

Dear RT Users:

Thanks for the help with my previous questions, I’ve got another one for you:

I have approvals setup for a certain queue, when tickets go to the datacenterapprovals queue they are either approved or disapproved by
the data center management team.

If they are approved I would like an email automagically sent to a certain address, say

I’ve tried for two days and cannot get this to work.

I know I can have the managers manually enter the email address while they are approving the ticket; but I would like them to not have
to manually do this and instead have RT automagically send the approval email to this certain email address.

I have the following Template set up for data center approvals:

NAME: OnApprovalResolutionEmailCC
DESCRIPTION: CC group if outage is approved
===NotifyAsComment: Data Center Outage Approved
Depended-On-By: TOP
Refers-To: TOP
Queue: DataCenterApprovals
Type: approval
Content-Type: text/plain
Owner: scott
Status: resolved

Approval is granted for ticket number: {$Tickets{"TOP"}->Id} 

This ticket pertains to the subject: {$Tickets{"TOP"}->Subject}

I need to put in the basics of the ticket here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,

Mr. Scott C. Saunders
Directory, Digital Technology
Time Warner Cable
Green Bay Division
TECH # 1


I also have the following script setup:

DESCRIPTION: Data Center Notify Group
ACTION: Notify Other Recipiants
TEMPLATE: OnApprovalResolutionEMailCC
STAGE: TransactionCreate

I’ve tried lots of combinations of settings, but I cannot get a message sent out upon approval of a ticket.

Would anyone be able to help me out here?

Thank you,

Ennis McCaffrey

Time Warner Cable
Digital Network Engineer

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PO Box 145
Kimberly, WI 54136

(920) 831-9220 Office
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