How to hurt my RT server

One of my users pointed this out to me the other day. Type something
common like ‘resolved’ into the search field. It very quickly comes
back with the results, which is great. It says 'Found 135,731 tickets’
which is not unexpected, but it displays the first page and will let you
sort and page through all very nicely and with no noticeable delay.
However if you click on one of the tickets to find out more, it will
hang and eventually timeout and the load on the database will go through
the roof.

I haven’t investigated it at all yet, but I’m assuming that it’s doing
some sort of nasty big db fetch across those 100K+ tickets in order to
create snapshot data to feed the ‘next/prev’ ticket trail.

I’m going to need to somehow prevent it from doing this when the number
of tickets is too high (assuming I’m right). Anyone have any ideas?


PS> RT 3.8.1, MySQL 5.1, load balanced across two quad core RHEL4 boxes
with 8GB RAM each, Apache F/E, FastCGI B/E

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