How to hightlight open tickets that have been updated by the Requestor?


My group is using RT to keep track of requests created by internal users (ie, employees of my company). Typical life cycle of a ticket in my group’s queue involves several rounds of correspondences between the Requestor and Owner of the Ticket. Normally, a owner may have half a dozen unresolved tickets in the queue, many of them waiting for Replies from the Requestors in order to determine and take the next appropriate action.

I would like to find a way to highlight those tickets that have received an updated Correspondence on an existing unresolved ticket from the Requestor. Several possiblilities come to mind:

#1 (kinda weak) - I believe the “Told” timestamp is the last time a Reply has been sent to the Requestor; “LastUpdated” timestamp is the last time when the most recent Reply (or Comment?) by anyone. Maybe I can do something by comparing these two values…

#2 - create some sort of On Correspondence scrip where it would set (perhaps) a Custom Field to one of two values, depending on the writer is a member of the queue manager …

anyway, these are vague ideas. Just wondering if anyone has got a solution already :slight_smile:



I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I implemented this
on my system in order to see on the “home page” who was the last
responder on tickets I currently own.

I’m using the Debian packages for RT, so my paths may be different than
yours. Replace /usr/share/rt and /usr/local/share/rt with the paths
appropriate to your system. In /usr/local/share/rt/html/ (or wherever
your local html directory is) make sure you have a directory called
Elements. In Elements, copy the file
/usr/share/rt/html/Elements/MyTickets to /usr/local/share/rt/html/MyUpdates.

Then modify the file MyUpdates to the Following:


title => loc("[_1] most recently updated tickets I own", $rows),
title_href => “Search/Results.html”.$QueryString &>
<& /Elements/TicketList,
Format => “’<a
QueueName, ExtendedStatus, LastUpdated, LastUpdatedBy",
Query => $Query,
OrderBy => ‘LastUpdated’,
Order => ‘DESC’,
ShowNavigation => 0,
Rows => $rows


my $rows = $RT::MyRequestsLength;

my $Query = " Owner = ‘".$session{‘CurrentUser’}->Id."’ AND ( Status =
‘new’ OR Status = ‘open’)";

my $QueryString = ‘?’ . $m->comp(’/Elements/QueryString’,
Query => $Query,
Order => ‘DESC’,
OrderBy => ‘Priority’) if ($Query);


End perl Code for MyUpdates

Next, you’ll need to copy /usr/share/rt/html/index.html to
/usr/local/share/rt/html/index.html and modify it as follows.

Scroll down the file 'till you find the following. Add the <&
/Elements/MyUpdates &> wherever it makes sense for your organization. I
put it after the MyTickets part, but before the MyRequests (unowned

<& /Elements/MyTickets &>
<& /Elements/MyUpdates &>
<& /Elements/MyRequests &>
<& /Elements/QuickCreate &>

Hope that helps!


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