How to have multiple stock answers in RT3

Dear List,

Am bring up an instance of RT3 and RTFM, and here is what eludes:

When customer submits a ticket, the queue gets the ticket, and
we send a stock answer / canned response.

When the operator picks up the ticket and acts on it, we want to be
able to have a drop-down configurable menu of in-line text responses.

So far with RTFM I have been successful only in configuring links to
existing articles. Thats not unfortunately useful – we need to be
able to send stock answers when a ticket is responded to in an email.

Any idea how to do this? In RT2 “cannery” did what we wanted, albeit
with something of a hack (popping up a javascript window). Would be
nice if this functionality would be integrated into RT3 or RTFM. Can
someone point me in right direction?

Thanks much, keep up great work, RT is a really useful contribution to

Kind regards,