How to "clean" a DB of RTIR data

I need to know if it is possible to completely cleanup a database of any
rtir data. Why is this?

In the process of trying out rtir, I tested on two machines. On the test
machine, I have no problem. I can wipe out the database and recreate
everything from scratch. My tests on the “staging” box failed, and in
an attempt to reproduce the results, I also tested on a production box,
after I made a backup of the database and RT_BASE.

However the production system DB continued to receive RT mail, so if
I try to restore the database, I will loose a couple tickets in RT.
That is simply unacceptable.

That is why I would like to know if I could clean the DB of all RTIR
data, then do a completely “new” RTIR installation, not an upgrade.
I have tested rtir-1.1.4 on my staging box and it did install cleanly,
as opposed to the previous 1.1.3 version.

Is it possible to do this? It is possible to “reverse” what make initdb does during rtir installation?

   - wash 

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