How to change font size in queue listings and ticket body?

Hi RTers,

Can anyone tell me how I can change the font size of text in the queue
listings (i.e. as displayed in search, admin login, etc windows), and also
for text in the body of a ticket (comments, replies, etc…)
I’ve had a hunt around the mailing lists, but all responses refer to


a few lines down there is a line:

I’m running RT v3.4.2 and this module doesn’t seem to be part of RT anymore,
in fact the path is now /rt/lib/RT/Interface/Web/ if I’m reading it right.
I know it’s naïve to ask, but I’m assuming an Apache restart is in order
once any changes have been made.

It’d be great if these easily adjustable parameters still exist. Any help to
point me in the right direction is appreciated.



Steve Platt
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