How to access with no internet


Any help would be really appreciated.

So I want to run our RTIR from a VM server and then access the web from the main host as a demo but with no internet access.
Any help with how the config files should be set up would be great.


You shouldn’t need any special config. Install RT on the VM per the instructions while connected to the internet, and then type the IP of the VM in a browser on the host. You may have to open the firewall on the VM for port 80, but thats not specific to RT. Good luck!

Thank you :slight_smile: I have it working

Do you know how I could access the web server from other laptops in an offline mode.

Basically 1 offline server and 5 clients (I have a plug n play switch)

You need to give the client PCs local IP addresses on the same subnet as the server, then just point the web browser on each client at the server’s. You may need to include the server’s hostname -> IP address mapping locally on each PC if you don’t have a local DNS server.

Depending on what you’re using as your switch, you might even have e DHCP server in there to allocate the IP addresses automatically to the clients. But that’s details of your local network setup rather than RT/RTIR settings.

What is your VM? Are you using VirtualBox?