How should I translate?

Hello list,

I’ve made a big RT customization for one of our customers.
I used the standard localization methods (loc, <&|/l&>, etc.), so I have
many new English strings to translate in my source.
I would like to translate these (to Hungarian) but I have problems.
I tried to find a documentation or a wiki entry about it but I wasn’t
successful. Where can I find these if there are any?

My problem is that I have the old hu.po file, and I want to upgrade it
with the new strings, but I can’t.
I tried to do it with the command: -o hu.po -D /opt/rt3/

But unfortunately it isn’t working for me. How should I do it? Is there
any common method?
I can edit the result hu.po file with poedit, can’t I?

My other question is where to put the finished translation file under
local tree. Or should I overwrite the original one? (I don’t think so.)

I would be grateful for any helpful comments. It is urgent for me because
the deadline is coming soon. :slight_smile:

I would make a wiki entry if I got clear answers.