How long was the ticket stalled

Hi all RT GURU,

I couldn’t find it anywhere, or I’m looking for it wrong, please help. For monthly reports from any RT queue, I would like to know if there is a way to filter closed tickets for a period of time that was in a stall state during the ticket’s life cycle. Our management needs to know for the customer how long the ticket was in the stall state, in order to meet the SLA. Is there any way to find out please? Thank you all very much in advance.

Thank you.

This is not possible with the traditional report-module, that is based on the query-builder. With the query-builder one see only the actual state, no historic states of tickets. It is the same background as my question: Report on new ticktes in a specific queue

But maybe with RT5 your question ist answerable with the new transaction-query-builder, because you don’t look at queues, only at ticktes and their transactions.

Another solution is to use the scheduler to generate a report at a given intervall and process the data outside of RT.

At third there you can use Scrips and CustomFields to count this time yourself in future.

Maybe the SLA-module is worth a look for you. Don’t know it myself.

If you go to settings (under your username) → Search options there is a custom date ranges option you can create for searches, could that work?