How do I change the ticket ID?


I asked this earlier but I thought I would give it another go.

How do I change the Ticket ID from using $rtname to use the name of the
queue that the ticket was submitted to?

I want to keep my RT fairly anonymous because I want support two
different companies with it and I think that would cut down on



Just off the top of my head this is possible, but will require some
testing. One of our departments requested this, but I strongly
recommended against it because of the administrative overhead. But if
this is a small install, it could be worth while.

There are two issues you need to address:

  1. RT uses the $rtname on incoming email to determine if it has already
    been installed a ticket id for your installation. There is a config
    setting, where you can set alternate names (was put in place to allow
    you to change names and not break communication on old emails). So this
    part should be pretty easy.

  2. Second – you need to make sure that your queues send out the right
    name. This should be possible through manipulating the Subject in a
    Template (there is plenty on Templates in the wiki).


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