How and What Rights should be Granted?

Hi ,

Please suggest wht rights should be granted in the following condition:

1> Queue specific rights
Particular queue tickets should be visible to only particualr set of
privillaged people, only they should hv the rights to view those tickets
under that queue and Take those tickets .

2> Mail to the pool (resposible for the issues related to tht queue ) on
creation of new ticket
As soon as a new ticket is created , a autogenerated mail should go to
"Requestor" and to the set of those privillaged users responsible to
take the issues under that queue.

3> Managerial rights
A particular person should have right to view all the tickets under any

4> Re-assigning
If the person has filed a ticket under wrong queue (issue is related to
actually some other queue and should have gone to different pool) how
can it be forwarded to other set.

Please treat it urgent issue.

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