High-level milestones

Just so folks know, here’s my very high level list of what needs to happen
for RT2. It’s not “complete” but it will give you an idea of where
I’m drawing the lines in the sand. As things get nearer to beta,
I’ll flesh out what the plan is for all the features that get punted
to post 2.0.


For Alpha 1
waiting on modules@perl.org- Reg for cpan
done-template editor
done-redo install procedure

mostly done- dbix redo
partly done-incorporate oracle port

rationalize watchers
web modify ticket

For Alpha 2
enforce acls
acl editor
attachment viewing
full cli ticket manipulation tools
scripscope editor including scrip listing

For Alpha 3
usermode webtools
secret passwords

For Alpha 4
robustification - This is going to be a LOT of work
security walkthrough
cli admin tools
better startpage

For Beta 1

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