Hide tickets for users in a certain group that are not requesters

Hi everyone!

I have a situation where I need to be able to hide tickets for users that they are not the requester for, if they are in a certain group.

At the moment, anyone in the ‘requesters’ group can see and read any tickets the group has “View queue” rights to.

Ive had a google and play around, and cant seem to figure it out. Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance!


BTW, even if I can just hide the contents of the ticket, that would be ok too.


Perhaps this isnt possible ?

Could you just not create another queue that this group doesn’t have viewing rights to and arrange (by rt-mailgate and/or scrip, or reassignment between queues) that the tickets you don’t want them to see go into that queue and the tickets you do want them to see go into a queue they can see?