Hide irrelevant lifecycles statuses from query builder


Following some new queues we created, that needed custom lifecycles with custom statuses, we face a usability “issue”. During a search query in query builder (Top left menu → Search → Tickets → New Search) when we click on the status dropdown menu, the list contains all lifecycles with all their statuses. I tried to find anything related to permissions or rights regarding the lifecycles or their visibility, but I was unable to find anything. Is there any way to hide these options from the drop-down menu ? If I select a queue on the menu and add it in the query, the list gets the matching lifecycle, but this is inconvenient.

RT version 5.0.2

Below is a screenshot for better clarification :

Until it knows more it can’t make assumptions. For example, let’s say you have two custom statuses: Waiting for Consultant (for Queue A) and Waiting for Customer (for Queue B). Until it knows which queues you’re looking at it can’t assume that only one or the other is relevant.
I supposed that RT could check to see which queues you’re allowed to look at and pre-filter the list of possible lifecycles based on that, but it would probably significantly slow things down (our org has close to 300 queues).