Help with Scrips

I’m trying to figure out how to automate some things within RT 3.0 when new tickets are created within one queue. Having read as much as I could find in the docs for RT 3.0 and the “Under the Hood” stuff from 2, I’m still not finding enough resources to begin.

In a nutshell, what I “think” I want to do is create a custom Condition/Action scrip such that, when a new ticket is first added to a particular queue, custom fields are parsed, some processing happens and the results are added to the body of the ticket. For example, I want to take in (as a custom field) an IP address. I want to use SNMP to poll that IP for particular values, and pre-populate the ticket with those values (saving me cut-paste-execute time later on).

I can handle all of the background SNMP stuff, but I must be missing something that tells me the best way to get it back into the ticket. Can anyone point me to a document I’ve missed or an existing application that I could reference? It seems all of the scrip Condition/Action stuff I’m finding only really deals with tweaking interal RT stuff - nothing really “external”

Thanks in advance,

Russ Roff
Manager - Network Engineering
Time Warner Cable