Help with local custom login x javascript


An early time ago, I made motifications on ExternalAUTH LDAP to be possible autenticate using numeric uids users. For example, the numeric uid 001236456 can authenticate from a LDAP server. In the RT side it has a real id user with A00123456. The mofication makes a concat a word in front uid and its ok for RT and LDAP.

Now I’m trying remove the need of the user put all numeric numbers on login. This a local motification, or callback. I have many users in format 00123456, and would be nice for them put only “123456” without the zeros. We adjusted a javascript function for that.

I made a copy of Elements/Login for local customizations.

In Login elemnt i modified this around line 105(RT 4.0.2.):

My javascript function(inside Login), that checks if the numeric matchs 8 length. If not, put more 0 to complete:

function formatUIDnumber(UID,sizeOK){
if IsNumeric(UID.value){
newUID = UID.value;
zeros = ‘’;
var i = newUID.length;
if(newUID.length==sizeOK) return;
else {
for(i; i<sizeOK; i++){
zeros = zeros + “0”;
newUID = zeros + newUID;
UID.value = newUID;

But I’m not getting that, the javascript function is not called when “submit” is called, is there another way to call the javascript function formatUIDnumber before it sends $user and $pass? Can you give some direction, the right way, please?