Help with displaying message

To list,

I've asked this before, but no doubt, didn't word it correctly. I'm 

trying to get RT to display a message from a scrip that executes.
What I have is a scrip that changes the Ticket Status back to it’s
previous setting because a CF isn’t set at all. “Mandatory” doesn’t work
because no one knows what to put in the CF when it is created. So I have
to edit the CF when they try to “resolve” it. It works great. BUT, I
don’t want to just change the Ticket Status without displaying a message
informing the user of said change. I have tried the following commands:

$RT::Logger->error(“Resolution Type NOT SET!”);
$RT::Logger->info(“Resolution Type NOT SET!”);
$RT::Logger->warning(“Resolution Type NOT SET!”);
print STDERR message_content(“Resolution Type NOT SET!”);

None of these work. I can see the ::Logger ones in my RT Log, but 

that’s not what I want. I want the message to display on the “Modify
Ticket” screen.

Can anyone help me on this? I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate it.