Help with Custom Scrip/Template on Owner Change

I would like to send the entire history of a ticket in an email/template
to the new owner. When we reassign tickets, the new owner has to visit
the web interface to see the history on the particular ticket. Here is
what I want to do:

  1. Create Custom Scrip within the queue to execute on Owner Change
  2. Use a Template or a Custom Action to notify new owner that they have
    a new ticket - In this notification, I want the entire history
    (excluding attachments) sent to the new owner.

Thanks for any help.

Ben Bush

Currently I have people that just reassign tickets after they have been
created (usually they are created via email). When they assign it to the
new owner, the email message that sends the transaction content is showing:

This transaction appears to have no content

This is not too helpful for the new owner.

Thanks for your help.

Ben Bush

Ben Bush wrote: