Help with creating queries to monitor response times

Hi All,

I am having a bit of trouble creating & using queries within our RTFM in
order to monitor response times to tickets.

  1.   I need to create the following queries & am not sure how to? 
  •      The time between a call initially coming in and being

assigned to a specific staff member

  •      The time between call coming in and being responded to (via a

comment/email reply the staff member adds). It’s important for our job
that clients get a personal response within 8 hours.

  1.   I would like a report to be created & emailed to me each day

outlining tickets that have been worked on or closed. Is this possible?

  1.   When I create other bespoke queries, even when I change the

fields I wish to view to custom fields we have created, when I export
the query to a csv file, the only fields I can view are the ‘default’
fields which are set within the RTFM. Why is this and how can I change

Any advice that you can give would be gratefully appreciated! If you
need further information on our exact setup, please feel free to email
me off list.


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