Help rt 4.2.0 advanced search problem with persian customfields


Sorry for my bad English I’m not native English speaker.

I’ve upgraded rt from 3.8.8 to 4.2.0 and I’ve got a problem on advanced search. There is a custom field with Persian name in my queue that I want to add to my search terms and this errors occurs:

Wrong query, expecting a OPERATOR in ‘Queue = ‘ADSL’ AND CF.{بخش/>موضوع}<–here LIKE ‘فسخ’’

When I edit the query and put single quotes before and after CF name, Like this:

‘Queue = ‘ADSL’ AND ‘CF.{بخش/موضوع}’ LIKE ‘فسخ’’

it works without problem.

Is there any way to tell rt to put that single quotes before and after cf name ? this will be fixed in next release?