Help please....WAS recent developments

During the import process from the RT2dump, the first few lines of the
import were in clear text. Then the import suddenly took on a different
’encoding’. This symbol, right here: ⌠ --was my command prompt. It
wrecked my terminal session so that everything was encoded differently.
I check the processes and it wasn’t running so I did a ctrl c and then
ctrl d to see what was up. I couldn’t get to a normal prompt on that
terminal so I had to kill it.

MY QUESTION: How do I know if the process completed successfully if the
encoding was different to where I couldn’t read if I had errors or not?
I fired up RT3 and all appeared to import. However, I don’t know if
this was a bug, or an overlook on my part. Does the import process
generate a log of some sort that you can check?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.