Help Please-Privileged User Not Getting Owner updates

I need help understading why an end user, which is privildged is not getting replies or comment messages.
This is working for all other privilidged users.
When I go the the message log, is says that there is no ticket owner, but the end user is the Owner?
Can anyone help me with this?
Again just one user.
RT 4.4.1

Are you positive that the user in question is configured identically to the others that can own a ticket? IIRC, Privileged just means you get more access to the system than regular users. Permissions typically get tightened down by Role or by Group. If other owners are getting notified, then I wouldn’t think it’s a Scrip error.

I found my issue this morning. The user created their own private Queue. In the queue set up, put their email address at the email account for the queue.
Seems like a bug, but a queue cannot have an email address of a privileged user, otherwise it breaks their account.

Anyone know who I should notify about this bug?