Help needed with CustomCondition under RT 3.2.2

Hi all,

  1. I want to trigger an template with the following Condition:

I set the Ticket to “resolved” and an CustomField "Passwordvergabe"
to “RT”

I tried to use the following CustomCondition:

return undef unless (($self->TicketObj-

FirstCustomFieldValue(‘Passwortvergabe’) =~ /RT/i)&&($self-
TransactionObj->Type eq “resolved”));

but it doesn’t trigger. Why?

  1. Is there an Login to the RT-Wiki. I want to make a page for the
    altering Ticket-Number-Snippet but didn’t find a login. (Well, as you
    see, I have never used a wiki ;)) Are there any docs available?

Bye for now,
Bis denne,