Help needed with configuring SLA values

When creating a new ticket, one can set a value for the SLA.
It appears these values are configured in the file /opt/rt4/etc/RT_SiteConfig.d/

However, editing this configuration (i.e. adding a new SLA value to be selected) does not seem to add the new option as expected (i.e. the new value does not show up as an option in the SLA selection dropdown).

Am I editing the wrong file or do I need to run a command to have my changes take effect?


Did you restart the web server? You can confirm that your changes took affect by going to Admin->Tools->System Configuration

Thanks for your response. I eventually figured out from another forum post, that I needed to restart rt-server, which in my case was run like this: /bin/perl -w /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-server --port 3000

I killed the process, and ran the command again and this reloaded the configs.

I should have updated this question earlier with that solution. Thanks again for your help.