Has anyone made this sort of enhancement?

I’m looking at a need for RT to track trouble sources so that we can
(1) contact the person responsible for that trouble source easily
(perhaps automatically) from within RT and (2) identify patterns in
what is actually causing people to report problems.

Comparing our specific need (handling abuse reports) to other likely
areas where this would be useful, I would think that anyone using RT
for network support is likely to have made similar enhancements, i.e.
a ticket might need to be associated with some record from a table of
things that might be malfunctioning (routers, servers, WAN links,

Has anyone out there made this sort of change to RT? Do you have code
you can share? Maybe there’s a method I don’t see for handling this
sort of thing with RT as it is?

Bill Cole
Senior Consultant, MAPS L.L.C. Consulting Services Group
wkc@mail-abuse.org (work)
bill@scconsult.com (personal)